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Nick Young still taking shots at ‘annoying’ D’Angelo Russell

Nick “Swaggy P” Young may no longer play in the NBA, but that hasn’t stopped him from attempting to stay plugged into that world.

He was known for his three-point shooting, and for being one of the most entertaining players on the court at all times — in the JR Smith mold — but for also what took place between him and one of his former teammates.

D’Angelo Russell essentially baited Young into admitted that he cheated on then-fiancee Iggy Azalea, leading to the popular power couple breaking up. Young apparently has never forgotten about it, as he had plenty to say about D-Lo for “snitching” back when it happened, and he’s still talking about his former teammate.

Young recently appeared on Complex’s “Load Management” podcast, and he revealed that Russell was the most annoying teammate he’s ever played with.

Russell is an eccentric guy, so this isn’t all that surprising, but it’s funny that Young is still teeing off on his former colleague.