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JR Smith takes aim at White House, Congress for Covid outbreak

Lakers veteran guard JR Smith hasn’t seen much playing time in the NBA Finals, so he elected to take a few moments to share his thoughts about how the federal government has been handling the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Smith has played just nine minutes in the first three games of the championship series with the Heat, having hit one shot, with one rebound to his name as well. And given that he hasn’t really done much on the court, he decided to take some time to address a hot topic of discussion.

President Donald Trump recently contracted Covid-19, as have some others in the White House and Congress. It’s fair to question if everyone involved has been taking the situation seriously, or if mask fatigue has played a role in the recent infections.

If you ask Smith, the testing protocols in the White House and Congress need to be increased.

But he didn’t stop there. Smith then made it a point to reply to a few tweets, without really adding anything of substance.

It’s easy to sit and comment from the cheap seats, but this complex issue won’t be solved with a quick fix.