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Old Takk McKinley tweet about Bengals comes back to haunt him

Takk McKinley is playing in his fourth season in the NFL, which essentially makes him a veteran, but he recently learned a lesson that made him look like a rookie.

Social media, for some, is career suicide. The Twitterverse has long been a platform for its users to make silly, hurtful, defamatory or outlandish comments that they’ve later regretted.

That’s exactly what McKinley did, when he called out the “trash” Bengals on Twitter five years ago.

He didn’t stop there, either, as McKinley had more to say about the Bengals a few months later.

This week brought a twist of fate, though, as McKinley was released by the Falcons. He was then claimed by — you guessed it — the Bengals, which makes those series of tweets far more interesting than they were when he first posted them.

It’s safe to say McKinley felt a bit awkward walking into the Bengals facility for the first time this week.