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Packers fail to address WR issue in draft, and now Aaron Rodgers is upset

Surprise, surprise: Aaron Rodgers is in his feelings again.

Only a few weeks removed from his “Jeopardy!” escapade, an opportunity, which, sure, was great for Rodgers’ brand, but doesn’t exactly translate to his performance on the football field. Most players that are truly committed to their craft — especially quarterbacks — are using this offseason time to better their mind and bodies, working out and watching film.

But not Rodgers, because he’s upset, apparently.

It started before the draft even began, when whispers of Rodgers pushing for the team to select a wide receiver in the first round, even though they’ve long favored taking a defensive player, usually in the secondary. Well, sure enough, they drafted Georgia product Eric Stokes on Thursday night, adding a player who will likely compete against Kevin King for the starting job at some point in the future.

And Rodgers took note. In fact, he dropped a Draft Day bombshell on Thursday, indicating that he wanted the Packers to trade him one year ago, when the team traded up to select quarterback Jordan Love.

But don’t expect the Packers to rush to move Rodgers, either.

It’ll be interesting to see how this situation plays out. Similar to Deshaun Watson in Houston, it seems like this relationship is fractured beyond repair. But the reality is that Rodgers is under contract with the Packers, and he’s not going to get a better opportunity to win elsewhere. Green Bay is the best fit for him.