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Patrick Mahomes breaks the internet with insane behind-the-back pass (Video)

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes continues to impress — utilizing unique arm angles that no signal-caller in NFL history has been able to in games, given how fast the speed on the field is.

But Mahomes makes it work. In fact, he’s completed no-look passes in games — a few of which even went for touchdowns.

And that’s not all he can do, apparently.

It’s one thing to be flipping passes using one’s normal throwing motion, but without looking at where the ball is going. It’s another, though, to be doing so behind one’s back. That’s exactly what Mahomes did recently, and the internet went nuts over it.

Fans flooded the social media universe to react to it over the weekend as well, and understandably so. Mahomes is changing the game — and how it’s played — in so many ways.