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Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews takes issue with Patriots player’s late hit

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews may be engaged, but they’re not married as of yet, so the woman of the house apparently expects her husband to return to her in one piece.

Unfortunately, football is a physical game, and Mahomes plies his trade uncorking dimes downfield, but also being forced to evade explosive, physical pass-rushers attempting to get hits on him.

That’s what happened during Monday’s game against the Patriots, when Mahomes took off running down the sideline. He was pursued by Deatrich Wise Jr., who forced him out of bounds. Wise gave him a tiny shove, though, which Mahomes appeared to embellish a bit, in a (successful) attempt to draw a flag.

And while Mahomes drew the flag, Brittany was not happy with her man getting shoved.

Mahomes routinely takes hits that are far more crushing than that minor shove, but apparently Wise struck a nerve with the Chiefs quarterback’s fiance on that play.