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Reds use LeBron James reference to take a funny swipe at Indians

Two of Ohio’s Major League Baseball teams continued their back-and-forth this week, and it was pretty funny.

The social media world has seen sports organizations taken some light-hearted jabs at their division and/or interstate rivals. The trolling can take place before, during and after a game — especially around the time of a pivotal postseason matchup.

The Reds and Indians have been going at it on the field this week, with two games having been played in Cleveland, and another deuce in Cincinnati. And it was the Reds who turned up the heat with this funny LeBron James-themed shot at Cleveland when they first arrived and were warming up on the field before a game.

But the Indians did not take the trolling lightly, firing back with this zinger.

The Indians won that round, in our eyes. Skyline Chili is gross.

[H/T: Yardbarker]