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RJ Barrett believes empty Madison Square Garden actually favors Knicks

RJ Barrett may only be in his second season with the Knicks, but even he knows many fans flock to Madison Square Garden to watch the opposing team.

It’s a trend that dates back, well, decades, as fans have hit up games at MSG to watch Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, James Harden, Kevin Durant and others. And it doesn’t look like that trend will come to an end anytime soon.

In the meantime, though, Madison Square Garden has been empty during games, with fans not allowed in the world-famous arena. And if you ask Barrett, it actually plays to the Knicks’ advantage.

“Actually having no fans might be an advantage,” Barrett said, via SNY TV’s Ian Begley. “I know if I was a competitor coming into the Garden with all those fans, I’d want to have a great game. So coming in there with no fans actually probably gives us an advantage that way too. It’s just you have to go out there and play basketball.”

The Knicks did just upset the Bucks at MSG as 13-point underdogs on Saturday, so maybe Barrett is on to something here.