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Saints got shot down trying to make move for Jadeveon Clowney

The Saints are all in on winning a Super Bowl this season, and they apparently tried to make a move to help them accomplish that task, but got denied by the NFL.

New Orleans boasts one of the best rosters in the league, but given the future status of Drew Brees, as well as a number of other stars who are set to become free agents next season, its window is closing quickly. A lot of the coaching staff has been on the Saints’ payroll for quite some time as well, and this season could be their last chance to win a Super Bowl, before what will likely eventually result in a potential rebuild or retooling of their roster.

But the team knows that in order to potentially win a title, it has to give itself the best chance of success, and that any potential move to upgrade its roster should be considered. And apparently, they tried to do exactly that, coming out of nowhere in trying to land Jadeveon Clowney in a sign-and-trade, similar to what we’ve seen in the NBA, in an attempt to get creative with their salary cap.

The NFL, however, was not having it, according to Mike Triplett of ESPN, who was among the first to report the story. It reads:

Sean Payton confirmed Monday that the Saints explored the idea of a unique sign-and-trade deal with an unspecified team to help them fit Clowney’s salary under the cap. However, the NFL said such a deal would not be allowed.

The idea was for another team to sign Clowney and pay his signing bonus — then immediately trade Clowney and his remaining salary to the Saints in exchange for a draft pick. The other team essentially would have been “buying” a draft pick, which the NFL has never allowed.

The Saints probably knew this move would be shot down, as the league tends to prevent any potential move made in an attempt to circumvent the salary cap. In the NBA, however, well, this type of move happens routinely. 

Too bad, though, as we would’ve loved seeing Clowney play alongside Sheldon Rankins. Instead, however, he’ll be suiting up for the Titans, as he signed a one-year deal with them over the weekend.