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Sean McVay not a fan of ‘irritating’ piped-in crowd noise

Fans may like having artificial crowd noise coming through their TV sets, but one particular head coach clearly does not.

The piped-in noise may sound good on TV, but it’s fair to wonder how it feels to players and coaches on the field, as it’s probably quite loud, and possibly even distracting. And while players have struggled to find motivation and energy without having fans in the stands, the piped-in noise probably isn’t going to solve that issue.

It’s probably not going away anytime soon, either, as the NFL is attempting to do whatever it can to increase ratings, which have already dropped from what they were last season.

Still, Rams head coach Sean McVay is doing whatever he can in an attempt to eliminate the piped-in noise, as he strongly opposes it, apparently.

McVay may be the first to publicly say it, but it’s highly unlikely that he’s alone in feeling this way.