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Steelers OC Randy Fichtner has funny quote about receiving corps

The Steelers have long excelled in drafting receivers late in the draft, and this particular squad is just another example of their long line of success.

A number of receivers went off the board early in the draft, but not Chase Claypool, who the Steelers took with the 49th overall pick. He’s already cemented himself as one of the top players in the 2020 rookie class, and, given his skill set, has already drawn comparisons to former NFL receiver Calvin Johnson, which is why he’s nicknamed “Mapletron.”

And while he’s not putting up otherworldly numbers as he did earlier in the season, his ceiling is ridiculously high, and he could develop into a top-five receiver in the future.

Claypool isn’t all the Steelers have in their receiving cupboard, either. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson and James Washington all make plays on a regular basis.

And in the eyes of Steelers offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner, his young receivers’ prowess, is, like, well, a “fart in a skillet.”

Exactly what we’ve been saying to fantasy football players.