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Steph Curry puts Jrue Holiday on skates—twice

The Warriors are picking up where they left off last season, looking awful on the court, but at least they have Steph Curry to put on a show for fans.

Outside of Steph, the Warriors roster is abysmal, especially with Draymond Green currently sidelined, and Klay Thompson out for the season with an Achilles injury.

So when schedule-makers elected to put the Warriors on primetime television, on Christmas Day, most fans weren’t thrilled about it. The Warriors did, after all, get the opportunity to play on Opening Night, and they were blown out of the gym by the Nets. The Bucks did the same on Friday.

But Steph dazzled on one particular play, though, and at least that was fun. He was working at the top of the key, and used a few crossovers to put Jrue Holiday on skates — not once, but twice — then drained a floater.

That was about it for Warriors highlights, as the Bucks embarrassed them, 138-99.