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Terry Bradshaw takes a shot at Aaron Rodgers over feud with Packers management

It didn’t take long for Aaron Rodgers to be viewed as one of the greatest quarterbacks in Packers history, to a major distraction holding back the team.

What’s really interesting is that team minicamps haven’t even opened yet. It’s possible that Rodgers hasn’t even stepped foot in the team facility, since the season ended, and yet he’s dominated headlines for the wrong reasons.

This time last year Rodgers was drawing some empathy from fans and analysts over the team’s decision to draft his heir apparent — Jordan Love. And what really rubbed many the wrong way was that the Packers traded up to do so in the first round, giving up a fourth-round pick in the process.

But this time around the Packers didn’t really do anything to “wrong” Rodgers. Sure, they haven’t necessarily surrounded him with a plethora of weapons, but he has enough to work with, and gets to play behind a stellar offensive line.

And that’s why he’s been drawing some criticism from former NFL’ers, for the way he’s been criticizing management, and seemingly attempting to force a trade. Most recently, FOX Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw had some words about Rodgers — calling the Packers quarterback “weak,” during a recent WFAN appearance on Moose and Maggie.

“Him being that upset shows me how weak he is,” he said. “Who the hell cares who you draft? I mean, he’s a three-time MVP in the league and he’s worried about this guy they drafted last year at number one? …  And for him to be upset, my God, I don’t understand that.”

Rodgers has a great situation in Green Bay, so it’s fair to criticize him for attempting to force his way out. The Packers have treated him well over the years, despite what he seems to believe.