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Wilson Ramos accused of texting Instagram model from the dugout

Baseball is a very slow sport.

Some even dare to call it boring. Not only are the people watching the action on the field looking at their phone to pass the time, apparently some players do the very same thing from the dugout.

So here’s the story, apparently Wilson Ramos is a married man. His wife was at a game last year when she told him he they were having a third baby.

See below:

Now over a year later, the story goes he was on his phone at the time texting with another woman.

Via Brobible:

“Well, apparently the Mets’ catcher has some secret life, because, according to actor/producer Rico Simonini, the two-time All-Star was trying to slide into his girlfriend’s DMs on Instagram… from, you guessed it, the on deck circle. Now, this isn’t something new — some athletes secretly DM models on social media all the time — but, sheesh, for Wilson Ramos to be accused of doing it during a game is pretty fucking next level. Like, this can’t be true, can it?”

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but spending hours upon hours on your phone is America’s favorite modern day activity.