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Washington Football Team-Dallas Cowboys ratings top every NFL game this season

Turkey and football go hand in hand on Thanksgiving, with so many Americans tuning in to watch the NFL action, which the ratings for this year’s games clearly showed.

Ratings for NFL games have been down, whether it’s due to the social justice issues the country is facing, the coronavirus pandemic or simply lack of interest. But that doesn’t necessarily mean people didn’t tune in on Thanksgiving. In fact, quite the opposite.

The Texans-Lions game was entertaining for a half or so, up until Houston blew the game open in the third quarter, leading to the firings of Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn. As for the game that followed, the NFC East showdown between the Washington Football Team and Dallas Cowboys was a battle for first place in the division, and many sports fans tuned in to watch the action, according to the TV ratings.

It’s certainly possible the Ravens-Steelers game having been canceled played a role here, but even so, that’s a massive audience.