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Watch: Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman settle speed debate with this footrace

Two of the fastest players in the NFL happen to play on the same team, and they recently attempted to put the debate about who has the best wheels at training camp.

Chiefs receivers Tyreek Hill (26) and Mecole Hardman (22) are close to the same age, with clean bills of health, so this seemed like the perfect time to see who’s the fastest among them.

There are other players in the NFL, such as Marquise Goodwin, a former track star in his own right who ran a 4.27-second 40-yard dash. But many believe these three guys are the fastest.

That’s sparked some fun debates between Hill and Hardman for bragging rights, and they attempted to settle it with this 50-yard footrace at training camp.

We’re not surprised that “Cheetah” Hill won. Our money would’ve been on him, and we believe he’s faster than Goodwin as well, and that no defensive back can really keep up with him, no matter how large of a cushion they play. All they can do is hope to contain him.