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Could Bill Belichick finish his NFL career with Patriots?

The Patriots are a bad team, lacking talent across their roster, and it doesn’t appear they’re getting better anytime soon. In fact, a rebuild seems more likely than competing for a title.

And that’s why talk has shifted to what head coach Bill Belichick may do in the future. He’s never dealt with this level of adversity during his tenure with the team, and at 68 years of age, Belichick may not be interested in a rebuild. Life after Tom Brady appears to be more difficult than he may have initially thought.

The Patriots currently have a 3-5 record, and a loss to the Ravens in Week 10 could put an end to their season. Unfortunately, it appears they have one of the five worst rosters in the NFL, lacking star talent everywhere, aside from their secondary, and they’re extremely slow on defense. There’s a lot of work to be done in the future, and it’s fair to wonder if Belichick will want to stick around for it. That remains to be seen, but Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated believes he will finish his NFL career in New England.

“I’ve felt for a while now like the Patriots’ job will be Belichick’s last,” he wrote. “I just think he recognizes how hard it is to establish a program, and on top of that how difficult it would be to reestablish the sort of program he wants to run somewhere else.”

It’s not out of the realm of possibility for Belichick to seek a trade, but he’s big on loyalty, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him not coach anywhere else.