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Damian Lillard divulges private conversation from call with Skip Bayless in live stream with Carmelo Anthony

FOX Sports talking head Skip Bayless continues to see his list of adversaries in the sports world grow, and it doesn’t look like that trend will be going away anytime soon.

Most recently it was Damian Lillard who took aim at Bayless, for comments made on “Undisputed.” Bayless essentially said Lillard isn’t a superstar who can be “the guy” for a team to build around, despite the 51-point outburst he managed in Sunday’s win over the Sixers.

Lillard took to social media to call Bayless a “clown,” along with some other choice words as well. What followed was a bit interesting, though. Lillard had a bit of time off in between games, so he and teammate Carmelo Anthony enjoined some wine and began chatting during a live stream.

It was during that time when Lillard revealed that Bayless actually called him on the phone, revealing that he’s “depressed,” among other things.

“Stop speaking on me incorrect, for your ratings or whatever and he just backed out on some, you know I’m depressed,” Lillard said.

Lillard also went on to say that Bayless “backpedaled” a lot, as TV guys have been known to do — saying one thing on the set, while acting differently in person.