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George Kittle defends Jimmy Garoppolo, believes 49ers QB can win them a Super Bowl

Rumors of the 49ers looking to move on from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo are swirling — just like they were roughly one year ago after he stunk it up in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV — but one of his teammates sure seems to believe in him.

Garoppolo and George Kittle are close friends, and the 49ers tight end has always spoken highly of his quarterback, even when few others have. The Niners are rumored to have interest in trading for Deshaun Watson, although the team has been quiet about the quarterback position. And it’s unclear whether or not they contacted the Lions about making a play for Matthew Stafford, who the Rams acquired a few days ago.

The 49ers were unlucky to have suffered a ton of injuries this season, including Garoppolo, who played in only six games — finishing just four of them. But Kittle still believes Jimmy G can lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl, at some point in the future.

We couldn’t disagree more with that take. Garoppolo just isn’t a quarterback who can win games consistently. You never know what version of him you’re going to get on the field each week.