Young Texans fan has hilarious reaction to Bill O’Brien autograph for Christmas gift (Video)


A young Texans fan received the NFL equivalent of a lump of coal in a stocking for Christmas, and he was not happy about it.

The young boy was forced to sit and watch as his brother received a De’Andre Hopkins helmet for Christmas. After seeing that, he appeared extremely excited about what his gift might be.

Unfortunately for him, as he began opening his present, it was immediately apparent that the gift was not nearly as large as his brother’s. Once he removed it from its wrapping, he realized it was an autographed photograph of former Texans head coach Bill O’Brien. The young boy responded with a tantrum, which sure seemed to be an appropriate reaction, given the situation.

We’re willing to bet that gift was a clearance item, given O’Brien’s stock, and we feel bad for the poor kid. He got shafted.


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