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Adam Gase shares plan for how to improve Le’Veon Bell’s production this season

Adam Gase is back with the Jets as the team’s head coach, for some reason, so he’ll be tasked with improving areas where the team struggled in 2019.

That’s a pretty long list, involving some major areas such as the team’s abysmal offensive line play, running game and also pass defense — specifically issues in the secondary. It’s also fair to wonder where the pass rush will come from, as the loss of Jamal Adams will hurt, with the Jets not doing a great job of consistently generating pressure from their defensive front.

Gase hasn’t appeared to have truly commanded the respect of his players, and his relationship with running back Le’Veon Bell didn’t appear to be all that strong. He’s apparently worked on that in the offseason, as well as attempting to identify how he can put the Jets running back in positions to succeed going forward, trying to get Bell back to his previous dominant form. And Bell is “ready to go,” apparently, which Gase told reporters.

Gase also said he did a poor job utilizing Bell, and that he’ll be trying “different things” going forward.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The key to Bell’s success is “different things.”