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Allegiant Stadium is opening, but Mark Davis doesn’t believe Raiders fans will attend games there in 2020

The Raiders’ new stadium party has been spoiled by the coronavirus, and it’s beginning to look like fans won’t be able to attend home games for the team’s inaugural season in Las Vegas.

It’s interesting when you look at it on paper, as the move was scrutinized by a lot of the team’s longest-tenured fans, the ones who have followed the team around California. And yet, ownership elected to move the team out of the state, over to Las Vegas, likely attempting to target out-of-state fans, as well as grow the team’s brand by attracting new fans from an area that’s been starved for a professional football team.

So it’s almost as if the coronavirus, as terrible as its been around the world, sent a message to the Raiders about their big move. The team recently finished construction on its brand-new $1.84 billion stadium, but it doesn’t appear as if fans will be attending home games there this season.

Allegiant Stadium will officially be open for business this fall and beyond, but the team’s owner, Mark Davis, is leaning toward playing games without fans in it this season.

It’s interesting how different states are operating so differently. The Cowboys continue to say that they’ll have fans attending games at AT&T Stadium, even though the virus continues to spread like wildfire throughout the state of Texas.