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Cam Newton shoots down contract negotiations talk following masterful performance

The Patriots signed former MVP Cam Newton to a one-year deal for the league minimum, and that move is looking like the best value addition of the offseason so far.

Newton and his team went toe-to-toe with the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field, and gave the team many are picking to win the NFC all they could muster. In fact, Newton was one yard away from scoring the game-winning touchdown on the final play.

And while Russell Wilson is the current favorite to win the MVP Award, what Newton did in Sunday’s 35-30 loss is certainly worth noting. He completed 68 percent of his passes for 397 yards, with one touchdown, and one interception.

It’s sure looking like the Patriots should lock up Newton for the next few years by awarding him a new contract. However, he’s not putting any pressure on them to do so, which he made clear during a recent radio appearance on WEEI.

“You must understand, that is literally the last of my worries and if we had to put an analogy in it, that is under so much work at my desk that I am not really too much focused on it,” he said, as transcribed by Bleacher Report.

He continued, this time praising the Patriots culture.

“I do admire and love the culture of the Patriots,” Newton said. “It’s been a place for me that has been therapeutic. This is a place that has been rather challenging for my growth and is making me better.”

The Patriot Way has already worked its magic on Newton, it seems. He’s saying — and doing — all the right things.