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Cam Newton works out with YouTube star Logan Paul in bizarre training video

Everyone wants to know what type of shape veteran quarterback Cam Newton is in, and what type of chemistry he has with his new Patriots teammates.

The Patriots run one of the most advanced offensive schemes in the NFL, in terms of the route concepts and how precise it is, so it was expected that Newton would be investing a ton of time into learning the playbook. Or, at the very least, throwing to his new receiving corps.

And instead, he did something quite different, boasting about it as well.

Newton did indeed work out, but did so with YouTube star Logan Paul, rather than his teammates. He took to social media to show the world as well.

It shows that Newton may be focused more on marketing himself, looking at his future, rather than what’s ahead of him — learning the Patriots offense. Not a great look, and is more of a distraction than anything.