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Jamal Adams trashes Jets head coach Adam Gase

The Jamal Adams-Jets situation continues to devolve, as the superstar safety continues to do whatever he can in hopes of forcing his way out of New York.

Adams has continued to push for a trade, and it does appear the relationship between him and the team has been severed, and is beyond repair. It really began around the trade deadline last season, when the Jets had been telling Adams they were soon going to make a long-term commitment to him, yet they shopped him behind the scenes. Adams found out, and was furious.

He then lobbied for a long-term contract extension this offseason, even though he still has two years remaining on his rookie deal. The Jets, understandably, did not budge, having him under contract.

And so Adams has been on an absolute tear, using social media and reporters to do whatever he can to get out of New York. Most recently, he absolutely went off on head coach Adam Gase, in comments he made to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

“I don’t feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the Promised Land,” Adams said. “As a leader, what really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building. 

“At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team. If there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach address the team. If we’re playing (expletive) and we’re losing, he doesn’t address the entire team as a group at halftime. He’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it.”

That’s not going to go over well. It looks like the clock is ticking on this trade situation, and Adams could be moved sooner than later. There’s no way they can have him around their facility — and his teammates — talking like this. He’s become toxic at this point.