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Chase Winovich fires up, rallies Patriots fans on social media with inspirational tweet

The Tom Brady era in New England is no more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Patriots players and coaches are just punting on this upcoming season.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as the team signed veteran quarterback Cam Newton, which can clearly be viewed as a win-now move. The coaching staff has indicated as much, with Bill Belichick relaying that the team intends to compete this season, rather than committing to a rebuild.

The Patriots may be retooling their roster a bit, as it relates to skill-position players, but the defense and offensive line are still loaded with talent, and that’s enough for them to compete. And, most importantly, they have arguably the greatest head coach of all time calling the shots.

And even though Patriots fans have still been lamenting the loss of Brady, linebacker Chase Winovich took to social media to remind them that the season is near, and it’s time to be excited.

Spoiler alert: It worked.

Our tweets don’t seem to elicit those types of passionate reactions, but we hope to one day have the impact that Winovich has.