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Cleveland Cavs rumors indicate team views LaMelo Ball as ‘best player’ in 2020 class

The Cleveland Cavaliers are well-positioned to land a top pick in the 2020 NBA draft, given that the team finished with the second-worst record (19-46) in the league this season.

And sure, the ping pong balls need to cooperate, for the Cavs to earn a top lottery pick, but the percentages are in their favor.

As such, talk was shifted to who they might be targeting in the draft, as the Cavs clearly need a playmaker who can score. They’re improving defensively, but they need guys who can break down a defense and put up big numbers on the offensive side.

And since the Cavs are one of the few teams not in the Orlando bubble, fans are already talking about the draft. One particular reporter, Chris Fedor of, was recently asked by a fan about LaMelo Ball, and apparently, the Cavs have at least one person who views the 18-year-old as the “best player in the class.”

We don’t necessarily agree, but for what the Cavs need, Ball’s skill set may make him the best fit for them, assuming he’s available when they’re on the clock.