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New York woman details ‘hate’ for Tom Brady in her obituary

One particular woman took her detest for future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady all the way to her grave.

It’s one thing to dislike a person, it’s another to give them free publicity on their obituary, from a negative angle, which is what a Buffalo-area woman recently did.

Carole Scarsella of Lackawanna, New York, made a strong case for being one of Brady’s greatest detractors. The lengths she went to to share her distaste of him are beyond legendary.

Unfortunately, she passed away on July 19, and given that she’s a diehard Yankees fan, it’s a well-known fact that she’s a huge New York sports supporter. Brady does not fall into that category, and so she wanted to make that known — in her obituary.

Her granddaughter, Aggie, had this to say about it on Twitter (via the Buffalo News):

“I miss her endlessly. But I’m glad she is remembered and the people of Buffalo also share her deep-rooted hatred of Tom Brady.”

The obituary read as follows:

“She HATED Tom Brady,” it said.

That took some serious commitment by Carole. May she rest in peace.