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Daniel Jones hilariously falls, wipes out on would-be TD run

There are a lot of traits that quarterbacks must have to be successful, but stamina isn’t one that’s usually mentioned.

The signal-callers that can beat teams with their legs tend to be in phenomenal shape, and are often physical specimens. And then there are pocket-passers that just stand in there and throw, so conditioning isn’t an issue.

But there are also guys that fall in between those two extremes, that prefer to sit in the pocket and throw, but can also move well. Daniel Jones is the perfect example of that type of player, which is why the Giants like to dial up his number from time to time. That’s exactly what they did during the second half of Thursday’s game against the Eagles, when Jones faked a handoff, then took off running with the football, with nothing but daylight in front of him.

It sure looked like he was going to score, but it appeared as if his legs didn’t want to cooperate, and they gave out from under him. No touchdown was to be had on that play.

Too funny.