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Russell Wilson’s comments about Antonio Brown convey how badly he wanted All-Pro WR

It sure looks like Antonio Brown and Tom Brady will be making sweet magic once again, even though the leading MVP candidate really wanted the All-Pro receiver on his team.

Brown and the Bucs reportedly came to a one-year agreement on Friday, and it’s now more clear than ever that Tampa is all-in to win a Super Bowl this season. Brady isn’t getting any younger, at 43 years of age, and this may be their best chance to win a title, especially given how wide-open the NFC is.

The Seahawks, up to this point, have looked like the best team in the conference, and their quarterback, Russell Wilson, really wanted Brown to sign with his squad. Here’s what Wilson recently had to say about Brown, and why signing with the Seahawks would be a good move for him.

“Most of the conversations I’ve had with most his former teammates and stuff like that said that he worked hard every day,” Wilson said, via Pro Football Talk. “He came ready and I think he had a bad year or two there that didn’t go the way you want it to. I think that with our culture and how our culture is, with Coach Carroll, with the teammates that we have, the men that we have and the growth, I think, if he does play football, I think this is a great place. If he does play again, I think this is a place that he’ll grow a lot as a man as well.”

All signs point toward Brown having had a decision to sign with either the Bucs or Seahawks (with another team possibly in the mix as well), but it appears he elected to take his talents to Tampa Bay, maybe because he already lives in Florida.