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DeAndre Hopkins throws shade at Texans on Thanksgiving

Cardinals star receiver DeAndre Hopkins would’ve been playing against the Lions on Thanksgiving had he not been traded during the offseason, and he seems pretty happy that he wasn’t in that situation.

Hopkins and former Texans head coach Bill O’Brien clearly did not get along, which is a big part of why he was shipped to Arizona. Not only that, the Texans being averse to awarding him a long-term contract extension was involved in the decision as well.

Whatever the reason, Hopkins is happy he’s no longer on the Texans, which he made clear with this (now-deleted) tweet before their Thanksgiving Day showdown with the Lions.

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The Texans are currently destroying the Lions, so Hopkins would’ve been on the right side of the scoreboard, but he clearly got the better end of that deal — suiting up for a legitimate Super Bowl contender, on a $54 million contract. And he wanted the world to know about it.