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ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reportedly videotaped in her hotel room inside NBA bubble

Memories of Erin Andrews being recorded illegally in her hotel room are once again being brought up.

This time the target of an intrusive recording is Rachel Nichols, who is inside the NBA’s bubble in Orlando, Fla. to anchor the network’s basketball coverage amid the coronavirus pandemic.

TMZ reports four minutes of footage was sent to Deadspin.

The footage, which hasn’t been released, reportedly is a piggyback off the video feed in Nichols’ hotel room which was being sent back to ESPN.

ESPN released a statement about the incident, according to TMZ:

“We are extremely disappointed about the leak of a private conversation. It’s indefensible and an intrusion on Rachel’s privacy. As for the substance of the conversation, it is not reflective of our decision-making on staffing assignments for the NBA, which has largely been driven by the circumstances of the pandemic.”

This isn’t the first time ESPN has had problems with a female broadcaster unknowingly being recorded in a hotel room.