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Janoris Jenkins not a believer in Tom Brady-led Bucs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are drawing a lot of hype this offseason, having signed Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in free agency, but a cornerback on a rival team isn’t buying it.

Mouthy cornerback Janoris Jenkins signed with the Saints late last season, and he’ll be a big part of what they do going forward. Jenkins clearly wasn’t happy playing for the hapless Giants, but he appears to be motivated once again, and played well in the postseason.

But he never lost his attitude or mental edge, that’s for sure.

Jenkins is known to be a trash talker, and that’s essentially what he did in speaking about the division rival Bucs on “Good Morning Football.”

“It’s paper,” Jenkins said. “You’ve gotta produce on the field.”

Jenkins is right. The Bucs are 0-0 currently, as are the Saints, so Tampa Bay needs to prove its worthy of the hype this fall.