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Giannis Antetokounmpo believes Bucks can become first-ever NBA team to overcome 3-0 deficit

The Bucks have been outplayed by the Heat during the entirety of their second-round playoff series, and they were destroyed down the stretch in Game 3 on Saturday, but their superstar big man believes they can come back to win it.

It would take four consecutive wins to do exactly that, and given that the Heat outscored the Bucks 40-13 in the final quarter on Saturday, we’re not optimistic. But if you ask reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, they can come back and win the series.

The Heat have done a great job in defending Antetokounmpo this series, building a wall of defenders to keep him out of the paint, and it’s worked to perfection. He really hasn’t looked like the best player on the court in any of the three games that far, which is surprising, given that he won the MVP award last season, and will likely repeat again in this particular campaign.

And still, Antetokounmpo believes the Bucks have the talent to be the first-ever NBA team to overcome a 3-0 playoff series deficit.

.”We’ve just got to believe in ourselves,” he said, via Yahoo Sports. “We can do it. We’ve done things before where nobody believed in us.”

“We played well for three quarters, we just got to be able to do that for four quarters,” he said of Game 3.

The Bucks aren’t going to win this series. In fact, they may not even win a single game. But it’s a tough position for Antetokounmpo to be in as the team’s leader, as he can’t exactly say that his squad will just roll over and play dead, either.