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Glover Quin zings Matt Patricia over ‘work to do’ comments

Matt Patricia is in his third season as the Lions head coach, yet he apparently still feels he needs more time to improve his team’s play.

Patricia has yet to compile a winning season since taking over, and he’s also turned over the roster, building it with players that fit his mold. To do so, the Lions moved a few of their veteran stars, drawing some scrutiny in doing so.

And here the Lions sit, at 1-3, with a difficult schedule ahead of them. They’ve blown double-digit leads in every game this season, and that often is a sign that the head coach is on the hot seat.

But Patricia appears to be trying to buy himself more time, in listening to his postgame comments after Sunday’s 35-29 loss to the Packers. Patricia turned heads when he said “when I came to Detroit, there was a lot of work to do and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Patricia has had plenty of time to do work, though, and that’s why former Lions safety Glover Quin had a laugh about the head coach’s postgame comments.

We had a similar reaction.