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Joe Namath wary of Trevor Lawrence avoiding getting drafted by Jets

The Jets are the worst team in the NFL, both in terms of their record, and their play on the field, but there’s some silver lining that provides a bit of optimism for the future.

It hasn’t been enjoyable for fans, players and coaches alike to watch the Jets lose all eight games they’ve played this season, but it does give them an inside track to the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. That particular position is extremely valuable this go-around, as a generational player could be available.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence looks to be on track to declare for the draft, and if he does, he’d be viewed as the surefire No. 1 pick. But the Jets are an absolute mess, with the worst roster in the NFL, and issues starting at the top in the front office, from ownership on down. Even the bright lights of New York may not be enough to stop Lawrence from potentially making a play to avoid getting selected by the Jets, as legendary quarterback Joe Namath recently pointed out, in speaking to ESPN’s Rich Cimini.

“Anything could happen in this world, damn near anything — except for the Jets maybe making the playoffs this year,” Namath said. “It’s happened before, so why would it shock anybody?

“Thinking back to the Manning family and Eli Manning and San Diego, there are some people that may not want to go [to a certain team] for whatever reason.”

The marketing opportunities that come along with playing in New York are extremely valuable, but it’s possible that suiting up behind an abysmal offensive line, throwing to one of the worst receiving corps in the NFL, may not be what Lawrence wants to do. It’s possible that his camp could pull off a power play if that’s the case, so stay tuned. In the meantime, the Jets will need to keep losing to stay in position for Lawrence.