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Lamar Jackson criticizes Ravens for second-half collapse

The Ravens completely fell apart after jumping out to a 21-6 lead in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Titans, and Baltimore’s quarterback is none too pleased about it.

Baltimore had Super Bowl aspirations, but losses in three of their last four games has suddenly put them on the outside looking in, as it relates to the playoff picture. The (7-3) Browns keep winning, and now the (6-4) Ravens must simply look up at them in the AFC North standings.

It was a surprising loss, given how bad Tennessee’s defense has been this season. Jumping out to a double-digit lead should’ve put the Ravens on the path to victory, given how many yards the Titans defense usually gives up. But it didn’t happen that way, as a walk-off touchdown by Derrick Henry gave the Titans the victory in overtime.

Jackson didn’t mince words after the 30-24 loss, either.

He’s exactly right, but it looks like Jackson was being a bit critical of the Ravens’ playcalling, as well as the execution on the field by his teammates. And he’s not wrong in doing so. Everyone is to blame.