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Lamar Jackson lobbies for Ravens to sign Antonio Brown

The Ravens offense took the league by storm last season, but the team’s quarterback is still searching for a way to make it even more dynamic.

Lamar Jackson worked out with former NFL receiver Antonio Brown and rookie pass-catcher Jerry Jeudy not too long ago, hooking up for a number of sweet connections on the football field.

It gave fans a tease of what could be one of the NFL’s most prolific QB-WR connection in the future, if the Ravens were to take a flyer on Brown. The former All-Pro remains suspended by the league, and it’s unclear how long he’d have to sit out if signed. Furthermore, we don’t know if the Ravens are willing to bring a potentially-toxic player like that in their locker room.

Jackson hopes they give AB a shot, though, which he recently told reporters.

“I was hoping we would get him,” Jackson said Wednesday, via “I’m still hoping — a little bit.”

“There’s no quit with him. That’s the type of guy we need in our locker room. I feel like our locker room is different than other locker rooms. There’s a brotherhood going on. None of that outside noise. Strictly inside.”

It’s hard to see the Ravens pulling the trigger on him, given how much stock they put into character, but Jackson is clearly hoping they do.