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LaVar Ball already hyping up LaMelo, guarantees he’ll win Rookie of the Year award

It seems like so long ago that Lonzo Ball was drafted by the Lakers, as he’s played in the NBA for three seasons, and his father, LaVar has actually become rather quiet.

Papa Ball ran his mouth for nearly the entirety of Lonzo’s rookie season, and he became a major distraction for the Lakers, as well as his son. The hot takes and constant criticism of former head coach Luke Walton proved toxic, and the team, as well as the media, eventually froze him out.

The eldest Ball has been relatively quiet over the past few years, saving his opinions for “Ball In The Family.” But now that LaMelo has been drafted, it appears he’s attempting to jump back in the spotlight again.

Many reporters have been ignoring Ball, but TMZ Sports recently ran into him, with LaVar guaranteeing LaMelo will win the 2020-21 Rookie of the Year award.

“Teaming up with Michael Jordan and you can’t get rookie of the year? Are you crazy?” Ball remarked. 

He’ll likely be the odds-on favorite to win the award, but Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman and others are in the running as well.