Mason Rudolph hasn’t spoken to Myles Garrett since brawl

All eyes will be on Sunday’s Browns-Steelers showdown, as the last time Mason Rudolph played against Cleveland, a brawl broke out in the game’s final seconds.

It began when Rudolph and Myles Garrett got into a heated exchange, sharing some words. The “highpoint” of the altercation — if you will — was when Garrett hit Rudolph in the head with his helmet.

Nearly a year has passed since that fight happened, and it’s hard to believe revenge is on the Browns’ mind. Inside, their focus likely lies on what’s ahead, controlling their own destiny, with a postseason berth on the line. Rudolph hasn’t even spoken to Garrett since the fight, which he recently told reporters when asked about it.

“I’m happy to hear Myles out with whatever he would — if he wants to approach me, if he wants to talk,” Rudolph said, via “He’s a great player, and they are playing well as a defense. He’s a menace in the backfield. He’s very disruptive. When they are playing at their best, he’s sack-fumbling and he’s getting to the quarterback. Obviously, you are very aware of that, and you treat him with great respect.”

We don’t envision the two sitting down for a cup of coffee together to talk it out anytime soon.