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Myles Garrett exposes racists who DM him on Instagram

While the world continues to battle racism on the streets, many people face the same issues online.

And when you’re a world famous athlete, they come hard for you.

Clevelvand Browns’ defensive superstar Myles Garrett exposed several screenshots of racist DMs he received via Instagram on Saturday.

Garrett shared more images and wrote, “Rent free.”

One of the users quickly deleted his account, and some others did detective work and called out the racists in question:

A user even asked Garrett to continue exposing the racists, so they can hold them responsible.

Garret also has some history of possible racist behavior on the field.

Garett claimed Steelers QB Mason Rudolph said the N-word to him during a game, which is what reportedly led to an on-field fight and resulted in Garrett’s suspension.

Rudolph later denied saying the N-word, and the NFL determined that there was “no such evidence” to support the claim.