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NFL announces no cheerleaders, reporters allowed on sideline this season

The NFL has been adjusting its gameday policies for the upcoming season, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there’ll be a lot less “non-essential” people on the sideline as a result.

Similar to what we’re seeing in sports leagues around the world, the NFL is looking to restrict field-level personnel to those that must be there — such as players, coaches, staffers and officials. And while the “non-essential” figures on the sideline add to the entertainment value for fans, the NFL is sending a message in not permitting them to be on the field this season, prioritizing the health of everyone involved.

That’s not all, either, as players will also be prohibited from swapping jerseys on the field after games, which wasn’t well received.

“So we can tackle each other for 60min but can’t exchange jersey that takes 2 mins,” Darius Slay wrote, in a since-deleted tweet.

Players and fans may not love these restrictions, but we applaud the NFL for attempting to do whatever it can to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.