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Richard Sherman delivers funny answer to question about Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers offense

Training camp is always interesting, as it’s the first time for players to really ramp up competition, and begin to transition to regular season mode.

And while training camp positional battles are extremely important, players don’t usually go against one another, as it’s not really a good look for teammates.

But offense against defense — particularly during scrimmages — are a completely different story.

Players really get into it during these scrimmages, with fights sometimes even breaking out, as players look to begin to channel their competitive side. Depending on who you ask, you might get some interesting answers as to exactly who “won” the particular scrimmage each day.

For 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, it wasn’t really about either. He was asked what he’s seen from the team’s offense, and its quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, and well, he went in a bit of a different direction.

Well, he’s not wrong.