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Von Miller found strength from ‘The Last Dance’ to work out harder

Broncos All-Pro linebacker Von Miller had a down season — by his standards — in 2019, but he’s been working out hard this year, in hopes of coming back strong this upcoming campaign.

And apparently, he used one of the most-talked-about discussion topics in sports this year to help fuel him to do so.

ESPN’s hit documentary series, “The Last Dance,” chronicled the dominance of the ’90s Chicago Bulls, specifically focusing on the career of the GOAT, Michael Jordan. Fans, coaches and players from all sports tuned in, especially since there were no live sports going on at the time, with the coronavirus pandemic having turned the sports world upside down.

Miller apparently watched it, and when he realized he wasn’t working out as hard as MJ, he decided to turn things up a notch.

Jordan — like LeBron James — was known for being able to ratchet up the intensity in big games, allowing him to rise to the occasion and dominate his opponents. It appears Miller is attempting to emulate the GOAT in that regard.