Tom Brady Johnny Foxboro

Gisele Bundchen reportedly called out Bill Belichick for treating Tom Brady like ‘Johnny Foxboro’

The New England Patriots and Tom Brady have parted ways, but that doesn’t mean the drama is stopping anytime soon. The latest bit of news comes from a recent book release, which featured a very interesting excerpt.

In a new book “The Dynasty,” author Jeff Benedict chronicled the 2018 season, as Tom Brady was prepared to leave New England after the Patriots lost to the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Via NBC Boston:

According to Benedict, Gisele spoke up for Brady during a meeting at Kraft’s house weeks after the 2018 Super Bowl. Belichick was not present, but Gisele told Kraft she and Brady were sick of Belichick treating the quarterback like “f—ing Johnny Foxboro.” Gisele said it was bad enough that Belichick refused to voice approval for Brady but even worse that he still unloaded on him during meetings and gave him a hard time with Guerrero.

Benedict says Tom and Gisele told Pats owner Bob Kraft they wanted a change of scenery:

When the conversation shifted to the future, Brady and Bündchen indicated it was time for them to make some changes that were in the best interest of their family. Among other things, they were contemplating a change of scenery.

Kraft wasn’t surprised by their feelings toward Belichick. He hadn’t, however, expected to hear that Brady and Bündchen wanted to leave New England.

Tom and Bill had a very complicated relationship, that’s obvious. But who knew Gisele was willing to go to bat for Tom like that?

Great wife, great life.

Looks like Tom and Gi finally got their wish, on to Tampa Bay.

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