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Anthony Lynn still expects to retain job after embarrassing shutout loss

The Week 13 NFL card featured one of the biggest coaching mismatches in the past decade, and it wasn’t a surprise that the better of the two came out on top.

What was, however, was the score. The Patriots absolutely destroyed the Chargers, in every facet of the game, 45-0. It was shocking, given how great Justin Herbert had played this season, without any speed bump or setback in any game.

But it came on Sunday, though, as Bill Belichick continued to show that he’s one of the best in NFL history at shutting down rookie quarterbacks.

On the other side of the fence, Anthony Lynn continues to look befuddled, and his lack of adjustments in Sunday’s game deserve mention. And yet, he still doesn’t think he’ll be fired this week as a result.

Lynn may be given the remainder of the season, just because he’s a nice guy, but his team’s performance this season sure doesn’t warrant it. It sure looked like they quit on him on Sunday.